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Lauren G Adams  N-62301BLACK80

Floral Knights-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-62301GBLACK

Floral Knights-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  B-62301GBLACK

Floral Knights-Cuff

Lauren G Adams  B-62301GGABYGR

Floral Knights-Cuff

Lauren G Adams  B-62301GWHITE

Floral Knights-Cuff

Lauren G Adams  E-36024BLUE67

Flowers by Orly-Small Huggie Earrings

Lauren G Adams  E-36024GBLUED

Flowers by Orly-Small Huggie Earrings

Lauren G Adams  E-64201RHODIUM

Rose Garden-French Clip Earrings

Lauren G Adams  E-70701GTURQUO

Pretty Little Things-Dangle Earrings

Lauren G Adams  N-516061GHOTPI

Prince Charming-Round-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-5678GGOLD

Gabriella Necklace

Lauren G Adams  B-63102GBLUE48


Lauren G Adams  B-70703GBABYBL

Pretty Little Things-Stackable Bangle

Lauren G Adams  B801014LAVENDA

LOLO-Lavender Agate Gemstone Bead Bracelet

Lauren G Adams  CA-70130GGOLD

Gabriella Poker Chips Charm Bead

Lauren G Adams  CA-70132GGOLD

Gabriella Playing Cards Charm Bead

Lauren G Adams  CA-70138GGOLD

Gabriella Rolling Dice Charm Bead

Lauren G Adams  N-70701GTURQUO

Pretty Little Things-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-70701ONYX

Pretty Little Things-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-G7832SET

Gabriella Necklace with Playing Cards Charm Set

Lauren G Adams  N-G7838SET

Gabriella Necklace with Rolling Dice Charm Set

Lauren G Adams  R-651021BLACK

Charming 2-Ring

Lonna & Lilly  4-60359368-Z01

Shakey Chain Necklace

Lonna & Lilly  4-60360189-5ZU

Trio Set of Stud Earrings

Lonna & Lilly  4-60361582-887

Goldtone and Glitz Multi-layer Necklace

Lonna & Lilly  4-60375763-NY0

Tension Set Crystal Stud Earrings

Lonna & Lilly  4-60391075-H46

Stone Drop Earring in Turquoise Blue

Lonna & Lilly  4-60400105-887

Rhinestone Crawler Earrings

Lonna & Lilly  4-60424061-D99

Stone Drop Earring in Purple

Lonna & Lilly  4-60441247-Z01

Faux Leather Bracelet

Lonna & Lilly  4-60451920-2GR

Stone Drop Earring in Rose

Lonna & Lilly  4-60460992-I15

White Flower Earrings

Lonna & Lilly  4-60492439-H46

Stone Drop Necklace in Turquoise

Lonna & Lilly  4-60492441-I15

Stone Drop Necklace in White

Lonna & Lilly  4-60506064-I15

White Flower Pendant

Lonna & Lilly  4-60511712-D99

Pink Flower Pendant

Lonna & Lilly  4-60511714-D99

Pink Flower Slider Bracelet

Lonna & Lilly  4-60511716-D99

Pink Flower Drop Earrings

Lonna & Lilly  4-60516674-5ZU

Crystal Hoop Earrings

Lucky Brand  40JLRU3347

Double Charm Pendant

Lucky Brand  40JLRU7525


Lucky Brand  40JLRU7675

Feather Charm Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRU8167-GOLD

Fan Feather Leather Cord Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRU8572

Elephant Bangle Bracelet

Lucky Brand  40JLRU8971

Glitz Necklace with Clover

Lucky Brand  40JLRU8973

Glitz Necklace with Elephant

Lucky Brand  40JLRY0227

Double Drop Earrings

Lucky Brand  40JLRY1860

Turquoise Hoop Earrings

Lucky Brand  40JLRY3214

Silver and Pearl Layer Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRY4063

Multi-row Bracelet