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Lauren G Adams  N-62301BLACK80

Floral Knights-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-62301GBLACK

Floral Knights-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-70701ONYX

Pretty Little Things-Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRU7675

Feather Charm Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRY7638

Mother of Pearl Earrings

Lucky Brand  40JLRY8035

Two-tone Petal Statement Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JWEL1683

Gold Heart Safety Pin Earrings

Monet  25MNRUBV59

Gold Double Disc Pendant

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491087-G03

Lauren 10mm Pearl Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491089-G03

Lauren 6mm Pearl Stud Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491103-5ZU

Lauren Ralph Lauren CZ Studs

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491111-G03

Lauren Silver Stud Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491123-G03

Lauren Ralph Lauren Ball Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491263-G03

Lauren Silver Bead Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491268-G03

Lauren Silver Braided Chain Bracelet

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491269-G03

Lauren Silver Bead Bracelet

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491999-EZ6

Crest Open Cuff Bracelet

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496754-G03

Silver Rectangle Link Hoops

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496782-358

Tortoise and Gold Hoop Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496798-G03

Croc Emobssed Bangle

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496842-5ZU

Pave Link Bangle Bracelet

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496846-5ZU

Pave Link Drop Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60500477-G03

Croco Embossed Large Hoops

Polo Ralph Lauren  60500677-358

Horn and Silver Link Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  60503009-887

Logo Toggle Beaded Necklace in Gold

Polo Ralph Lauren  60503013-887

Gold Bead Bracelet with Charm

Polo Ralph Lauren  60503020-887

RLL Padlock Drop Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60510345-5ZU

CZ Huggie Hoops

Polo Ralph Lauren  60511537-G03

Silver Threader Earring

Polo Ralph Lauren  60513513-9DH

Pave Teardrop Earrings in Rosegold

Polo Ralph Lauren  60515111-2

Gold Bead Bracelet with Padlock Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60515602-358

Leather Wrapped Gold Hoops

Polo Ralph Lauren  60519685-G03

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Braided Knot Stud Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60521231-EZ6

Two-Tone Drop Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60535383-T22

Aqua Drop Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60535384-T22

Aqua Square Stud Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  L12201578

Lauren Ralph Lauren 2-Piece Silver Bead...

Polo Ralph Lauren  L132712201578

Lauren Ralph Lauren 3-Piece SILVER Bead...

Polo Ralph Lauren  L13271578

Lauren Ralph Lauren 2-Piece Silver Bead...

Polo Ralph Lauren  L6889G-GOLD

Chevron Chandelier Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  LN3874G

Lauren Hammered Teardrop Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  LN4802

Tortoise and Gold Link Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  LNN00295

Beaded Shimmer Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  LNN00346

Silver Braided Chain Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  LNP00406

Gold Ball Drop Earrings

Spartina 449  26288872

Naia Petite Pearlescent Earrings

Spartina 449  26291261

Sea Le Vie Stronger Necklace

Spartina 449  26293777

Sea Le Vie Faith Over Fear Necklace

Spartina 449  26656931

Tassel Earrings in Tropical

Spartina 449  26818488

Sea Le Vie HOPE Necklace