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Lauren G Adams  N-62301BLACK80

Floral Knights-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-62301GBLACK

Floral Knights-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  B-62301GGABYGR

Floral Knights-Cuff

Lauren G Adams  B-63102GBLUE48


Lauren G Adams  B-70703GBABYBL

Pretty Little Things-Stackable Bangle

Lauren G Adams  CA-70130GGOLD

Gabriella Poker Chips Charm Bead

Lauren G Adams  CA-70132GGOLD

Gabriella Playing Cards Charm Bead

Lauren G Adams  CA-70138GGOLD

Gabriella Rolling Dice Charm Bead

Lauren G Adams  N-516061GHOTPI

Prince Charming-Round-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  N-70701ONYX

Pretty Little Things-Necklace

Lauren G Adams  R-651021BLACK

Charming 2-Ring

Lonna & Lilly  4-60360189-5ZU

Trio Set of Stud Earrings

Lonna & Lilly  4-60361582-887

Goldtone and Glitz Multi-layer Necklace

Lonna & Lilly  4-60400105-887

Rhinestone Crawler Earrings

Lonna & Lilly  4-60424061-D99

Stone Drop Earring in Purple

Lonna & Lilly  4-60511712-D99

Pink Flower Pendant

Lucky Brand  40JLRU7675

Feather Charm Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRU8971

Glitz Necklace with Clover

Lucky Brand  40JLRY0227

Double Drop Earrings

Lucky Brand  40JLRY5916

Tri-tone Linear Pendant Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRY7638

Mother of Pearl Earrings

Lucky Brand  40JLRY8035

Two-tone Petal Statement Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JLRY8548

Turquoise Collar Necklace

Lucky Brand  40JWEL1683

Gold Heart Safety Pin Earrings

Monet  25MNRUBV59

Gold Double Disc Pendant

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491087-G03

Lauren 10mm Pearl Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491089-G03

Lauren 6mm Pearl Stud Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491100-5ZU

Lauren Pave Open Hoops

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491103-5ZU

Lauren Ralph Lauren CZ Studs

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491111-G03

Lauren Silver Stud Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491123-G03

Lauren Ralph Lauren Ball Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491221-G03

Silver Twisted Link Door Knocker Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491263-G03

Lauren Silver Bead Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491265-G03

Lauren 2-Row Knot Silver Chain Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491268-G03

Lauren Silver Braided Chain Bracelet

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491269-G03

Lauren Silver Bead Bracelet

Polo Ralph Lauren  60491999-EZ6

Crest Open Cuff Bracelet

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496754-G03

Silver Rectangle Link Hoops

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496782-358

Tortoise and Gold Hoop Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496798-G03

Croc Emobssed Bangle

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496840-5ZU

Pave Link Y-Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496842-5ZU

Pave Link Bangle Bracelet

Polo Ralph Lauren  60496846-5ZU

Pave Link Drop Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60500477-G03

Croco Embossed Large Hoops

Polo Ralph Lauren  60500677-358

Horn and Silver Link Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  60500678-H46

Turquoise and Silver Link Necklace

Polo Ralph Lauren  60503009-887

Logo Toggle Beaded Necklace in Gold

Polo Ralph Lauren  60503013-887

Gold Bead Bracelet with Charm

Polo Ralph Lauren  60503020-887

RLL Padlock Drop Earrings

Polo Ralph Lauren  60503022-887

Micro-pave Bar Drop Earrings-Gold