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Gorjana  G061-159-G

Super Star Necklace Gold

Gorjana  G1510-205-31

Power Gemstone Bracelet for Love

Gorjana  G1510-205-67

Power Gemstone Bracelet for Healing

Gorjana  G1811-126-G

Compass Coin Necklace Gold

Gorjana  G193-207-G

Tanner Bracelet Gold

Gorjana  G196-106-G

Griffin Dog Tag Necklace Gold

Gorjana  G204-106-G

Parker Wrap Necklace Gold

Gorjana  G1510-205-25

Power Gemstone Bracelet for Protection

Gorjana  G1510-205-28

Power Gemstone Bracelet for Clarity

Gorjana  G2010-002-G

Wilder Chain Huggies Gold

Gorjana  G196-102-G

Shorebreak Necklace Gold

Gorjana  G202-103-G

Kara Padlock Charm Necklace

Gorjana  G196-202-G

Parker Bracelet Gold

Gorjana  G212-102-G

Nico Delicate Necklace

Gorjana  G214-102-G

Dylan Link Necklace Gold

Gorjana  G1510-205-126

Power Gemstone Bracelet for Compassion

Gorjana  G2111-012-G

Lou Link Earrings

Gorjana  G2111-105-G

Lou Link Necklace

Gorjana  G2111-200-G

Lou Link Bracelet

Gorjana  G212-203-186-G

Parker Pearl Bracelet

Gorjana  GBRE2111-SET-LOU

Lou Link Bracelet and Earring Set

Gorjana  GNKE2111-SET-LOU

Lou Link Necklace and Earring Set

Gorjana  G2010-200-G

Wilder Chain Bracelet Gold

Gorjana  G216-200-G

Marin Bracelet Gold

Gorjana  G202-035-G

Parker Link Hoops Gold

Gorjana  GBE196-SET-G

Parker Bracelet and Link Hoops

Gorjana  G202-025-308-G

Evil Eye Charm Stud

Gorjana  G216-005-G

Lou Double Huggie

Gorjana  G229-011-G

Lightning Charm Stud

Gorjana  G1510-205-23

Power Gemstone Bracelet for Tranquility

Gorjana  G1811-014-02-G

Shimmer Huggies Gold

Gorjana  G185-105-G

Wilshire Charm Necklace Gold

Gorjana  G209-105-308-G

Evil Eye Charm Necklace

Gorjana  G196-114-SLVR

Parker Necklace Silver

Gorjana  G196-202-SLVR

Parker Bracelet Silver

Gorjana  G1510-2325-Set

Power Gemstone Bracelet Set