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Dean Davidson  DD8304-Gold

Midi Dune Gold Hoops

Dean Davidson  DD8306-Gold

Mini Dune Gold Hoops

Dean Davidson  DD8306-Silver

Mini Dune Silver Hoops

Dean Davidson  DD8370-G-MN

Midi Studs in Moonstone

Dean Davidson  DD8375-G-WTP

Signature Pave and Gold Studs

Dean Davidson  DD8375-S-WTP

Signature Pave and Silver Studs

Dean Davidson  DDB538-G-WTP

Signature Pave Bar Slide Bracelet in Gold

Dean Davidson  DDE650-G-GA

Ipanema Earrings in Green Amethyst

Dean Davidson  DDN726-G-WTP

Pave Tube Necklace

Dean Davidson  DD8370-G-BT

Midi Studs in Blue Topaz

Dean Davidson  DD8370-G-MG

Midi Studs in Morganite

Dean Davidson  DDCH05-G-18

Rolo Chain Necklace Gold

Dean Davidson  DDE763-G-WTP

Signature Pave Huggie Hoops

Dean Davidson  DDNE-MNG-SET

Midi Pendant and Studs in Moonstone

Dean Davidson  DD8304-Silver

Midi Dune Silver Hoops

Dean Davidson  DDB533-G-GA

Twin Gold Cuff with Green Amethyst

Dean Davidson  DDNBE-GA-SET

Signature Green Amethyst 3-piece Set

Dean Davidson  DDN200-G-WTP

Pave Knockout Gold Pendant

Dean Davidson  DDNE-WTG-PAVE

Pave Knockout Gold Pendant and Studs

Dean Davidson  DDE409-Gold

Small Square Hoops in Gold

Dean Davidson  DDNE-WTG-TNSH

Pave Tube Necklace and Square Hoops

Dean Davidson  DDE645-Gold

Bossa Hoops Gold

Dean Davidson  DD8370-G-GA

Midi Studs in Green Amethyst

Dean Davidson  DDE810-Gold

Manhattan Huggie Earrings

Dean Davidson  DD8370-G-TNZ

Midi Studs in Midnight Blue

Dean Davidson  DDE881-G-TNZ

Mini Ipanema Earrings in Midnight Blue

Dean Davidson  DDN120-G-GA

Midi Knockout Pendant in Green

Dean Davidson  DDN120-G-MN

Midi Knockout Pendant in Moonstone

Dean Davidson  DDN120-G-TNZ

Midi Knockout Pendant in Midnight Blue

Dean Davidson  DDB552-G-OS

Manhattan Chain Link Bracelet

Dean Davidson  DDB552810-S-SET

Manhattan Link Bracelet and Huggie Earrings

Dean Davidson  DDE954-G-WTP

Petite Pave Huggies

Dean Davidson  DDN860-GOLD

Dune Mini Pendant

Dean Davidson  DDB585-GOLD

Signature Beaded Bracelet

Dean Davidson  DDB586-GOLD

Signature Midi Beaded Bracelet